Past Seminars

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Dr. Sreejith A. V.TIFR24 Dec 2013The Power of Multiplication
Prof. Persi DiaconisStanford University20 Dec 2013STATISTICAL ANALYSIS OF LARGE NETWORKS
Dr. Subhadeep DeCSIR-National Physical Laboratory NewDelhi17 Dec 2013Atomic Clocks The Frequency Standards in India
Dr. Mathew C. FrancisISI Chennai26 Nov 2013Partially Polynomial Kernels for SET COVER and TEST COVER
Dr. G. P. BalakumarIMSc Chennai12 Nov 2013Model domains in C^3 with abelian automorphism group
Dr. Arpad BariczBabes-Bolyai University Cluj-Napoca Romania07 Nov 2013Infinitely divisible distributions, Stieltjes transforms and Turan type inequalities
Dr. Arpad BariczBabes-Bolyai University Cluj-Napoca Romania06 Nov 2013The monotone form of l Hospitals rule and geometrically concave distributions
Dr. Sudheesh Kumar KattumannilISI Chennai22 Oct 2013A Simple Non-parametric Test for Exponential Against DMTTF Alternatives
Dr. Gautham SekarISI Chennai08 Oct 2013Practical (Second) Preimage Attacks on the TCS_SHA-3 Family of Cryptographic Hash Functions
Dr. Ananya LahiriChennai Mathematical Institute01 Oct 2013Integrated volatility estimation for "fractional Brownian motion driven stock price model"