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      Indian Statistical Institute, Chennai Centre      

    110, Nelson Manickam Road, Aminjikarai    

   Chennai-600029, INDIA    

    Education:   M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.

    Specialization:   Graph Theory, Graph Algorithms and Combinatorics.

    Areas of Interest:
    Graph classes. Graph colorings and its variations.  Perfect graphs and its generalizations.
    Structure/decomposition of graphs.   Domination.   Independent sets. Algorithmic aspects in graphs.
    Current Research:
  • Bounds for χ in terms of ω, and Reed's conjecture.

  • Algorithmic aspects in vertex coloring.

  • Bounds for equitable/star coloring.

  • Independent/Stable set problem in graph classes.

  • Efficient domination in graph classes.
    Ph.D. Thesis:
  • T.Karthick, Vertex coloring and cliques of certain P6-free graphs and claw-free graphs.
    Indian Institute of Technology Madras (2010).
    Edited Volumes:
  • Andreas M.Hinz, S.Arumugam, R.Balakrishnan, S.Francis Raj, T.Karthick, K.Somasundaram, Xuding Zhu,
    Special Issue of International Conference on Graph Theory and its Applications (ICGTA 2015).
    Electronic Notes in Discrete Mathematics, Volume 53 (2016).
    List of Publications:
  • T.Karthick, F.Maffray and Lucas Pastor, Polynomial cases for the vertex coloring problem.
    Submitted for publication. Available on arXiv.

  • T.Karthick and Suchismita Mishra, Chromatic bounds for some classes of 2K2-free graphs.
    Submitted for publication. Available on arXiv.

  • T.Karthick and F.Maffray, Coloring (gem, co-gem)-free graphs.
    Submitted for publication.

  • T.Karthick, Star Coloring of certain graph classes.
    Revised version submitted for publication.

  • T.Karthick and Suchismita Mishra, Coloring (P6,diamond,K4)-free graphs.
    Accepted for publication. Under revision. Available on arXiv.

  • T.Karthick, Independent sets in some classes of Si,j,k-free graphs.
    Journal of Combinatorial Optimization, 34(2) (2017) 612-630.

  • A.Brandstädt, E.M.Eschen, E.Friese and T.Karthick, Efficient domination for classes of P6-free graphs.
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