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  ISI Chennai

M.Tech.(CS) Year II (ISI Kolkata): Logic for Computer Science, August-December, 2016.

M.Stat. Year I: Analysis I, July-December, 2015.

M.Stat. Year I: Real Analysis, July-December, 2013, 2014.

M.Stat. (Applications) Year I: Analysis I, July-December, 2012.

  ESSLLI 2011

(with R. Ramanujam), Strategies in games: a logic-automata study, 23rd European Summer School on Logic, Language and Informations (ESSLLI 2011), Ljubljana, August 1-12, 2011.

  University of Groningen

Masters in AI: Capita Selecta course on Game Theory (with J. Szymanik and R. Verbrugge), Spring quarter, 2011.

  ILLC, University of Amsterdam

Masters in Logic: Logic Programming (one month project teaching), January, 2007.

Masters in Logic: Nonmontonic Logics (one month project teaching), June, 2006.

  Visva-Bharati University

Masters and Bachelors in Mathematics (Visva-Bharati): Real Analysis; Abstract Algebra; Linear Algebra; Metric Space; Graph Theory; Mathematical Logic, 2002 - 2006.