Past Seminars

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Suparna BiswasISI Chennai12 Sep 2018Kernel Based Estimation of Spectral Risk Measures
Muthukumar P.ISI Chennai04 Jun 2018A study of operators on the discrete analogue of Hardy spaces on homogeneous trees and on other structures
Arnab ChakrabartiISI Chennai20 Apr 2018Limiting Spectral Distribution of High Dimensional Hayashi’s Estimator in Presence of Asynchronicity for p⁄n→0
Probal ChaudhuriISI Kolkata13 Apr 2018Shape of the Earth, Motion of the Planets and the Method of Least Squares
Probal ChaudhuriISI Kolkata13 Apr 2018Nonparametric Statistics in Dimensions One, Two, Three, ... , Infinity
Purba DasChennai Mathematical Institute06 Apr 2018Understanding Sea Ice Melting via Functional Data Analysis
T KrishnanChennai Mathematical Institute23 Mar 2018Statistics: Some caveats
B V RaoChennai Mathematical Institute23 Mar 2018Martingales
T KrishnanChennai Mathematical Institute16 Mar 2018Basics of EM Algorithm
B V RaoChennai Mathematical Institute16 Mar 2018Brownian Motion