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    Indian Statistical Institute, Chennai Centre,
    110, Nelson Manickam Road, Aminjikarai,
    Chennai-600029, INDIA.

    Specialization:   Graph Theory, Graph Algorithms and Combinatorics.

    Research Interests:    Graph classes. Graph colorings and variations. Structure and algorithmic aspects in graphs.

    Links:   DBLP,   arXiv

       List of Publications:
  • S.A.Choudum, T.Karthick and Manoj M.Belavadi, Structural domination and coloring of some (P7,C7)-free graphs. arXiv:1907.05018 [math.CO].

  • S.Huang and T.Karthick, On graphs with no induced five-vertex path or paraglider. arXiv:1903.11268 [math.CO].

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  • S.A.Choudum, T.Karthick and M.A.Shalu, Perfect coloring and linearly χ-bound P6-free graphs, Journal of Graph Theory, 54 (2007) 293–306.

       Edited Volumes:
  • A.M.Hinz, S.Arumugam, R.Balakrishnan, S.Francis Raj, T.Karthick, K.Somasundaram, X.Zhu, Special Issue of International Conference on Graph Theory and its Applications (ICGTA 2015). Electronic Notes in Discrete Mathematics (Elsevier), Volume 53 (2016).

  • F.Bonomo, S.A.Choudum and T.Karthick, On b-perfect graph conjecture and forbidden subgraphs, Presented in "8th French Combinatorial Conference (2010)", France, and in "International Workshop on Graph Theory and its Applications (2010)", Trichy, India.