ICLA 2021

9th Indian Conference on Logic and its Applications

About the artist: Ram Kumar (1924-2018), Image source (Courtesy: Vadehra Art Gallery)

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Accepted Papers

Harshit Bisht and Amit Kuber. Aggregating Relational Structures
Sayantan Roy. On the Characterizations of Tarski-type and Lindenbaum-type Logical Structures
Antonio Di Nola, Serafina Lapenta and Giacomo Lenzi. Dualities and logical aspects of Baire functions
Nikolay Bazhenov. On computability-theoretic properties of Heyting algebras
Hans van Ditmarsch, Didier Galmiche and Marta Gawek. An Epistemic Separation Logic with Action Models
Isabella McAllister and Patrick Girard. AGM Belief Revision About Logic
Masanobu Toyooka and Katsuhiko Sano. Analytic Multi-Succedent Sequent Calculus for Combining Intuitionistic and Classical Propositional Logic
Rohit Parikh. Covid-19 and Knowledge Based Computation
Anantha Padmanabha. Relative Expressive Powers of First Order Modal Logic and Term Modal Logic
Jieting Luo, Beishui Liao and John-Jules Meyer. Reasoning about the Robustness of Self-organizing Multi-agent Systems (WIP)
Sreehari K and Kamal Lodaya. Plenitude
Jie Fan, Davide Grossi, Barteld Kooi, Xingchi Su and Rineke Verbrugge. Commonly Knowing Whether
Patrick Blackburn, Torben Bra√ľner and Julie Lundbak Kofod. A Note on Hybrid Modal Logic with Propositional Quantifers
Kaibo Xie and Jialiang Yan. A Logic for Instrumental Desire
Abhisekh Sankaran. Feferman-Vaught decomposition for prefix classes of first order logic
Bama Srinivasan and Ranjani Parthasarathi. Multiple Task Specification inspired from Mimamsa for Reinforcement Learning Models (Work in Progress)
Prosenjit Howlader and Mohua Banerjee. Double Boolean Algebras with Operators
Purbita Jana. $L$-Topology via Generalised Geometric Logic
Deepak D'Souza and Raveendra Holla. Equivalance of Pointwise and Continuous Semantics of FO with Linear Constraints
Santiago Jockwich Martinez, Sourav Tarafder and Giorgio Venturi. Quotient models for a class of non-classical set theories
Deepak D'Souza and Raj Mohan Matteplackel. A Clock-Optimal Hierarchical Monitoring Automaton for MITL

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