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On game equivalences: Algebraic and logical perspectives, "Relax" Workshop on Games, Chennai Mathematical Institute, Virtual, February, 2021.


On negotiation games, Strategies for Uncertainty, an FSTTCS 2020 Pre-Conference Workshop, Virtual, December, 2020.

On game logics, Tsinghua Logic Online Seminar, Tsinghua University, April, 2020.


How to take care of your research?, Second ACM India Grad Cohort 2019, IIT Delhi, July, 2019.

Multi-Agent Systems and Reasoning with Epistemic Logics, RinAI-2019, IIT Mandi, June, 2019.

A road to the infinities: Some topics in set theory, Summer School for Women in Mathematics and Statistics, ICTS, Bangalore, May, 2019./p>

Reasoning in games, Inauguration Workshop of Women in Math, IIIT Delhi, April, 2019.


Games and Logic: An interplay, IIT Madras Mathematics Colloquium, September, 2018.

Formal studies in strategic resasoning, Indian Women in Mathematics Annual Conference, Delhi, July, 2018.

Reasoning in games, Grolog talk, Groningen, June, 2018.